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Clean drinking water and sanitation are among the most pressing issues in the district. While people in other parts of the country especially-Monrovia enjoy clean drinking water, the residents of the Boinsen District continues to drink open water. During the raining season, rain water wash down all human and animals excretion into a village drinking water. The objectives of the Water and Sanitation is to reduce the injection of pathogenic diseases such as: diarrhea, leptospirosis, typhoid, cholera, poliomyelities, enteritis, amoeba, amoebiasis, giardiasis, roundworm, liver fluke, hookworm, tapeworm, and whipworm. These waterborne diseases are found in animals and human urine, feces and sullage. At this time, the best way to reduce these waterborne diseases is by digging well and lining them with Culver.

Food is one of our necessities. It’s sad that not all people have enough food on their tables, or they are having difficulty to produce. Seledorwon USA Inc. wants to make a difference by empowering the agricultural sector of Liberia. To learn more, please contact us in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Grain Production

Rice is the main staple food of Boinsen District and Liberia as a whole. However, in the Mano River Union Basin which is composed of Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone, Liberia is ranked the lowest in rice production. Ivory Coast is ranked the highest with production of 62,000,000 tons of rice a year, Guinea is second with production of 56,700,000 tons of rice a year; Sierra Leon came third with production of 55,000,000 tons of rice a year, and Liberia at the bottom with production of 38,500,000 tons of rice a year (Nyanteng, 1998 and World Food Organization 1995). Recent update of this data was is not available. In Liberia however, when compared the country rice production by district, Boinsen District is at the lowest of the ladder.

Another grain, though of high nutritional value, not considered among the regular major staples or diets of Liberia, is corn (maize). We intend to encourage corn production in separate fields as we would do rice in Boinsen District and introduce it as a valuable diet to form part of the district staple foods.

The charts below show data of corn production of some countries that have corn as a major part of their staples.

Tuber Crops Cultivation: Cassava and yam are next to rice in the staple foods of Liberian. However, production of cassava and yam in Liberia is very low compared to its neighboring countries. See the chart below.

Modern Farming Implements: There has been and continues to be invention of new and affordable agricultural implements for small-scale farming. Thus, through this project we intend to replace the use of primitive farming tools such as machete, axe, hoe and knife in Boinsen District with such simple, modern hand-driven farming implements as earth auger, soil tiller, wood chipper, transplanting machine, and power saw. Through our fundraising effort, we have already procured 4 units of earth auger, 2 units of power saw, and 2 school buses.

Modern Agricultural Skill Training: This training will include grubbing tree stumps and removing logs from the fields; cutting logs and removing them from the fields. Tilling and clearing tree roots from the field; chipping wood and mixing wood chips with soil to improve soil contents, preparing and irrigating seedbeds, corn and rice fields, and all other crops field necessary.

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We’re affiliated with various organizations to further support our cause. One of our affiliates is the America’s Food Basket.

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